Gul Panag turns film producer

Gul Panag has been one of the very few girls in B-town who isn’t totally obsessed over item numbers and working with the Khans.

She has been around for a while and her unusual choice of films proves that she isn’t here to make money while she can. The double-dimpled girl is involved in many activities like her NGO, biking sprees and globetrotting. Acting in films is just one of her many pursuits. Talking to us, Gul expressed her disappointment about the way our cinema is stagnating and sounded really concerned. In a recent interview she said, ”I like films, and hence enjoy every part of filmmaking.

It is just about having a great script and taking it ahead in a systematic manner. If that makes me a producer, then so be it.” Wethinks that her concern is valid and appreciate the fact that she is willing to support good cinema. We just hope that unlike her peers who have turned producers to revive their acting careers, Gul’s production venture isn’t an attempt to get more acting assignments.